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Look at these pictures, Both of them are real:

<– His player card (NOTE:This time you cant Ignore him cause he’s now a famous penguin)

 His shape <— Black beard, Hat (ID:442), Red (NOTE: I don’t meet him here first time, i was seeing him at migrator, His Ship)

– eman77

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Secrets of Bamboo Forest

Igloo Posted:





The SnowCone

That’s All

Today is the last day of puffle party and orange puffle are ready to come to CP


The rumors are true! Puffle experts have announced that orange puffle exist! The Pet Shop confirmed these unusual pets are ready to take home. ”It’s been crazy in here,” said one employee. ” One second everything’s normal and the next… there’s monster truck wagons, hula hoops, and boxes all over!”  ”They’re not shy—–these puffles want to play, dance, and EAT!” Some experts belive that orange puffles have come from the Box Dimension. “They were first spotted there,” said one scientist. “It makes sense. A quirky puffle from a quirky dimension, perhaps?” Visit the Pet Shop in the Plaza to check these new creatures

More news coming!

Rockhopper, The Club Penguin Captain Is Coming In Next Week

 Take A Look of his ship

In February 2008, A piece of Iceberg has crashed rockhopper

Then it sinked

Then all the pieces On The water

Then rockhopper brang his boat ( Small Ship ) To CP

Here’s a picture Of Rockhopper!

 The Red one is Rockhopper, And The Aqua One was in a book in Book Room ( Inside Coffee Shop Upstairs )

He Gives you Eyepatch when you meet 2006

He Gives you First Background when you meet 2007

He Gives you Second backgrond when you meet 2008

He Gives you third Background when you meet 2009

– Thanks For MicroChip123 cause tell us

 The Puffle Hat is At The Plaza Back The Pet Shop

  Finally the CP Best Site’s Item Tracker!

Heres the link

You can save it for your family

 Here How you will be when you where it

  Heres it! go to Activites

Here are the selections

Bye i finish that Post

The Puffle Party Started Yesterday 19.2.2010

   Pool ( Thin Ice Mode)

 Before I Show You The Other Mode I Will show you what i do in EPF! Catch the chest!

More coming in 25.2.2010